Platinum Jewellery

Platinum and Diamond Engagement RingPlatinum jewellery is one of the most exclusive types of jewellery and surged to prominence in the 1900s, having originally been discovered in the Elizabethan era – thanks to the Spanish Conquests of South America in the 1500s. Platinum is now one of the most valuable metals in existence and, what was once exclusively for royalty, can be designed to your own personal wish.

Platinum boasts a natural white appearance and is not only exceptionally durable but also almost totally unsusceptible to tarnishing. It is very malleable but its durability means that even very fine designs will be resistant to breaking. I have nearly 50 years’ experience working with precious metals and, as such, can create some truly exceptional designs for every budget. I can work with diamonds, sapphires and many other unusual gemstones to create the perfect platinum ring, earrings, pendants or necklace/necklet.