Ring sizing

It’s very important to me that your ring is exactly the right size. If you have already had your finger measured or think you know your ring size, you can supply this in any sizing system – UK, US or European. Then to be absolutely sure I will send you a sample ring to confirm the size.

Ring Sizers If you have no idea what your ring size is, I will send you a whole set of rigid plastic ring sizes on confirmation of your order. This will allow you to work out the exact right fit. This is actually even better than you going to another jeweller’s to be sized because it enables you to check your finger over a period of time. Finger sizes can vary from day to day and even at different times of the day, according to factors like changes in temperature.

If you are unsure about this or have any further questions at all about ring sizing or how we approach it, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.