Fairtrade & Recycled Gold

Fairtrade and Recycled Gold JewelleryThe ethics of gold mining is something close to many people’s hearts and I am pleased to work with either Fairtrade or recycled gold, or both, when requested.




What is Fairtrade gold?

Miners’ rights are a key concern of the Fairtrade Foundation and, as a result, there have been strict measures put in place to ensure their welfare. These cover child labour, miners’ health and safety, women’s rights, safe working conditions and environmental sustainability. When these measures are verifiably upheld, the gold produced will be certified by the Fairtrade Foundation and a definitive minimum price will be guaranteed to the mining community. Additionally, funds from the Fairtrade Foundation are given towards local community projects to promote the area’s development and well-being.

What is recycled gold?

The mining of any substance leaves its mark on the environment. Our ever-increasing commitment to preserve our planet has resulted in a demand for recycled gold. I am more than happy to accommodate people’s wishes to use recycled gold and source traceable, recycled gold to restore and rework into beautiful, new pieces of jewellery. In this way, you can be sure that you are helping preserve the earth and minimise excess mining of gold.

All jewellery I produce from recycled gold will be tested and approved by the Edinburgh Assay Office.  The Fairtrade gold I produce will also come with official Fairtrade certification to guarantee its sustainable sourcing process.

If you would like to talk to me further about the Fairtrade and recycled gold industry, I warmly welcome you to either call or visit my shop.